According to the National Sleep Foundation, a pillow’s primary purpose is to align the head with the neck and spine during sleep. By keeping the spine alignment in a neutral position, the pillow supports your natural neck curvature.

pillows on bed

The proper way to lay your head on a pillow is:

  • Your head should be levelled with the pillow.
  • Your ears should be parallel to your shoulder.
  • The pillow must not be so thick that your chin touches your chest.
  • Always keep your chin in a neutral position to avoid any stress on the muscles of the neck.
  • Do not use your shoulder as a pillow. Instead, draw the pillow under your shoulder.
  • Avoid elevating your shoulder toward the ear. It will contract your muscles in the shoulder, neck, and upper back. There is also the possibility of rib misalignment.

However, you cannot follow these rules when you are sleeping. The only way to ensure you sleep ergonomically is to buy a quality mattress, bed cover, and pillow. 

The optimal pillow will differ based on your sleeping position and your health conditions. Here are the top 10 pillows for a better night’s sleep.

REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow

two rem fit 500 cool gel pillows

This product is at the top of these categories: best pillows and best memory foam pillows. It helps align the spine and relieves pressure. The fabrics used are flexible, durable, and lightweight. 

Cool gel-infused memory foam technology helps to stay cool and gives a luxurious feel. Re-ax® fibres remove sweat and keep the pillow dry.

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ScooMs Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

Here is the winner in these categories: best down pillow and best hypoallergenic pillow. The pillow consists of natural, bouncy goose down and feather. This product is designed in the United Kingdom and assembled in Hungary. 

The pillow provides the right amount of stiffness and softness. It is long-lasting, breathable, and supports your neck and head. Unlike a regular pillow, this masterpiece won’t go flat, be poky, provoke any allergies, or lose its original shape.

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REM-Fit Goose Feather and Down Pillow

This pillow is the proud recipient of the best soft pillow award. The pillow is stuffed with soft goose down and feather. Its structure comprises a large and lofty down cluster that offers excellent comfort. 

The pillow offers a cool and breathable sleeping surface. The company uses 100% cotton cambric casing for a soft and natural finish. 

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Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Pillow

The reason why this product made to this list is its coolness. With its thermos regulating technology, the pillow guarantees a better night’s sleep by managing the heat and moisture ratio. 

The pillow uses 100% Egyptian cotton, and the core is filled with polyester hollow fibre pockets. The product helps regulate your body temperature.

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Simba Hybrid Pillow

This product is the best adjustable pillow available in the market. The Stratos® active temperature regulates the temperature according to your needs. The breathable cool fibre also depletes heat to give additional comfort.

The pillow’s inner part is filled with lightweight nanotubes and has mesh borders to maximise the airflow. The pillow contains soft and hypoallergenic microfiber fill and breathable cotton.

Loaf Dust Buster Hypoallergenic Pillow

This pillow is known for its eco-friendly microfiber. The outer pillow is made of 60% organic bamboo and 40% cotton for its outer surface. The microfibers are lightweight and breathable.

The pillow follows the standard sizing. It is machine washable and naturally hypoallergenic. 

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Bensons for Beds Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe

This year’s best latex pillow is Bensons for Beds Serenity Luxury Latex Pillow. The pillow keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. The hypoallergenic fibres will prevent dust mites and other allergy prompters.

The breathable design of this pillow provides more air circulation to keep it dry, fresh, and cool. The pillows are covered with a zipped and removable washable cover.

Kally Sleep Adjustable Pillow

The most affordable pillow of the year is the Kally Sleep Adjustable Pillow. The pillow’s fibres are hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable. The air circulation inside it keeps you cool. 

The adjustable firmness rate of the pillow is from 3 to 8/10. It is suitable for everyone. The price ranges between £39.99 and £109.99.

Eve Sleep the Snuggle Pillow

Meet the best lightweight pillow of the year. The pillow is a saviour for front and back sleepers and those who want a pillow to snuggle into. This pillow looks and feels like a feather pillow but is composed of hollow fibres and cotton.

The blend of hollow fibres and cotton makes the pillow hold its shape and gives it bounce. This will remind you of pillows from luxurious hotels. 

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Panda Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

white pillow panda with box

Last but not least, meet the best eco-friendly memory foam pillow created by Panda. The pillow is a supportive memory foam covered by a soft bamboo pillow cover. It is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and breathable.

The pillow uses a third-generation memory foam that allows the neck and spine to align correctly during sleep. It does not lose its shape and thickness over time. 

There is a saying that sleeping without a pillow is a good thing. Without one, your head will be lying flat without stress on your neck and promoting better alignment. But, most of us will deny it because we need pillows. If you sleep on your back or side without a pillow, it will cause more harm than good.

All we can do is use a convenient and reasonable pillow for a better night’s sleep. Don’t choose a pillow that is too thick, too thin, too warm, or too cool. Choose a pillow that works with you, not against you.