6 Types of Pillow and Comfort Benefit of the Each One

Imagine coming home from work after a long day and heading straight to the bedroom. YOUR bedroom is waiting to embrace you with its soft, comfortable, and cushiony surface. But wait a moment, you couldn’t sleep because of the poor quality of your pillow. This would lead to a significant problem the next day. 

Choosing a perfect pillow is as much as important as choosing a bed. The preferences of a pillow would change according to the person who is going to use it. Some people like soft pillows, and some like firm pillows. Some use pillows to help with their neck and back problems.

Types of Pillows

While people’s preferences differ, the pillow has to go through its own evolutions from top to bottom. Here are the 6 types of pillows and their comfort benefits.

1. Down Pillow: The Cuddly One

Down pillows are the ones that could get you straight to heaven with their soft and cuddly texture. It is lightweight, durable, warm, comfortable, and suitable in any sleeping position. Most importantly, this pillow will give you a calm mind with its quietness. 

The pillows consist of buffering soft plumes from the feather of waterfowl, duck, or goose. The whole structure contains only 25% feather, and the remaining 75% are down. The pillow has feathers on its core, with down enclosing them to give the pillow’s surface softness. 

However, the down pillow is pricey (£75 to £200) and lacks enough room and base. The pillow has lots of pros when it comes to stomach sleepers. But, its soft characteristics make it not useful for people with large body structures. 

Recommended:  Scooms Hungarian Goose Down Pillow 

2. Feather Pillow: The Light One

Have you ever rested on a fluffy-feathered bird in spring thinking about nothing but you? Well, assuming that everyone’s answer is no, you can experience that with a good night of sleep on a feather pillow. It is soft, flexible, comfortable, and keeps you warm like a bird. 

The feathers used in this pillow are highly coiled and usually picked in small size only. They are filled with duck and goose feathers. About 10-15% of the inner area contains the down to give some extra softness.

One of the most important pros of this pillow is its reasonable price (£20 – £100). It tends to have a 25% additional lifespan than the ordinary pillow. Favourite amongst backs and sides sleepers.

Even when just purchased, the pillows lack adequate loft and support. There is also a chance of getting poked by the feather quill. The pillow has the potential to produce odour and noise. They might need to be fluffed and shook to maintain the structure.

3. Latex Pillow: The Auxiliary One

Latex pillow is the one that gives a soft and supportive surface resulting in a pain-relieving situation. If you are suffering from allergies, neck, or back pain, this pillow might be right for you. 

The pillow is usually made of latex, coming from the milky fluid produced by 10% of all the flowering plants on earth. This creates a natural and biodegradable product that takes care of allergy problems. The pillow maintains its shape and support for at least three years. 

Latex pillows are flame retardant, long-lasting, and free from harmful chemicals. Additionally, the pillow abides the mildews and moulds and avoids any encounter with dust mites and bed bugs. It is available at an affordable price (£20 – £75).

But the pillow received few noticeable complaints about its heat development. They might have a slight rubber or chemical-like odour in initial use. Its bounciness and high weight than usual received some negative comments. 

Recommended: Bensons for Beds Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe

4. Micro-bead Pillow: The Beady One

These are the squishy pillows that are filled with round polystyrene beads, also called micro-beads. These micro-beads are available in markets as the main content of bean bags and neck-pillow used in travelling. The pillows are available at both affordable (£20) and high price (£200). 

Thanks to these delightful micro-balls, the pillows have a good airflow throughout them with rigid edges to support. They will also adapt to the shape of the head and neck. The pillow also works as life support to those who have allergies and cannot sleep in the night.

You can wash this pillow in a front loader washing machine on a low spin cycle using lukewarm water. Make sure pillows are tightly sealed without the micro-beads coming out. To dry out the beads, you can use air drying or machine drying methods.

However, you may hesitate to leave this pillow alone for some time in front of your children or pets. We all know where it will end. Micro-beads are not as durable as other stuffing in regular pillows. Some people even find this pillow a firm one. It has a slight chemical-like odour in its initial use. 

Recommended: Remedy Microbead Pillow

5. Body Pillow: The Lengthy One

Body pillows are long-size pillows especially designed for the extreme cuddlers who find it challenging to cuddle a regular-sized pillow. It is 54 inches long and gives a unique level of comfort for the whole body. Most importantly, for side sleepers, this is a wish come true.

Body pillows in U-shape were created to be more beneficial for pregnant women. These pillows can be used to avoid hip or lower back pain by cradling it in between the legs. They are flexible but not shape-shifting. This property makes it even better at its job. 

This can also be used to help to sit up straight. By using this, many have experienced an improvement in spinal alignment and pressure point relief. This pillow prevents the sleepers from rolling on their back while they are supposed to sleep on their side.

The price of these pillows ranges from £25 to £100. 

Recommended one: Kally Body Pillow – Heathered Grey

6. Memory Foam Pillow: The Foamy One

What if there is a pillow that can understand your need and adjust itself as per your wish? Curious, right? That pillow is called a memory foam pillow which adjusts its structure based on the sleeper’s body heat and pressure. By doing this, it will let the sleeper’s head and shoulder rest in a natural position.

The pillow has an essential component, polyurethane, and other supporting chemicals, enhancing the pillow’s viscosity and density. It self-adjusts according to your body throughout the night and helps with shoulder, head, and neck problems.

Still, the pillows have its low quality. Like the one above, this pillow also has a chemical-like odour in its initial use. It is also pricier than the usual ones and very firm for some people. 

Recommended: Panda Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

A  good pillow can help you drift off peacefully and ensure a good night sleep. Purchasing a quality pillow is as important as buying a good quality bed. More great items.