The best bed frame is the Tiffany Milano due to its stylish look and many options, to read our full review click here. Which beds are best for your home? This is a question I hear a lot and I’ve had to answer them a few times as well. From experience, choosing can also contribute to your safety and quality sleep. However, there are so many beds in John Lewis competing for our attention. From  wooden bed frames with storage, reinforced divan or tv beds, the important thing is to pick the one that fits your mattress perfectly. So, our product reviews will serve as a buying guide on which bed frames you should pick for your room. Keep an eye out for discounts codes that appear regularly and bag yourself a bargain.

Best Bed Frame For Your Bedroom-Check Out Our List Below

Tiffany Milano Divan Bed

The Tiffany Milano Divan bed comes with six fabric choices and seven storage options. 

With a headboard height of 124cm and a luxury divan base, this bed frame has a suitable appearance for a variety of beds. I remember coming across a Tiffany Divan bed once, and it looked like it could fit with any bedroom and style. 

It also has a Milano headboard that further lends an elegant feel to the finish. For the fabric colour choices, you can pick between Velvet Blush, Velvet Steel, Velvet Teal, Midnight Black, and Silver Mist.


  •  The divan bases have an excellent finish with chrome-coloured glides
  •  You can benefit a lot from the extra storage space with lots of practical drawers
  •  Has an ideal design that maximises bedroom spaces


  • Can be more expensive.
  • The look may not suit all tastes

Our Top TV-5ft King Size Upholstered Fabric TV Divan Bed Frame with Dreams Image Sparkle

A TV bed is a specialised type of bed that includes a built-in television which is very popular to both men and women today. The television is usually located at the foot of the bed, and the bed frame is designed to support the weight of the tv. Many tv beds also include additional features such as storage compartments or sound systems. TV beds are a great choice for people who want to be able to watch tv in bed, but they can also be a useful space-saving solution for small bedrooms. If you’re considering purchasing a TV bed, it’s important to make sure that the is compatible with your television model. You should also consider the size of your bedroom and make sure that the bed will fit comfortably. Finally, keep in mind that TV beds can be quite expensive

bed with tv

L238cm x W154cm x H138cm


  • Choice of colours
  • Side opening or drawer storage options
  • Headboard is sturdy as it rests on the floor


  •  Max TV size 32″ (8″ Deep)

Ockham Upholstered Headboard & Divan Bases

Headboards may be the final enhancement that your bed needs. With them, you can get more comfort out of your bed, even using them to work, read, or enjoy a cuppa. 

The Ockham Upholstered Headboard and Divan Bases take your comfort up a notch with their deep padding upholstery. 

They look just as comfortable as they feel.


  •  It is effortless to assemble with the headboards being as uncomplicated as possible
  •  Highly durable as they are made with FSC approved timber
  •  It’s big enough to make an impact in your bedroom without occupying so much space


  •  Can be more expensive.
  •  The look may not suit all tastes.

Best Headboard Bed Frame Combination

Athos Ottoman Bed Frame With Headboard

Looking for a modern and stylish bedframe that doesn’t sacrifice comfort? Look no further than the Athos Ottoman Bedframe.

The luxuriously cushioned headboard with elegant button detail is perfect for sinking into after a long day, while the hydraulic-assisted lift system makes it easy to access storage underneath.

The platform style, ventilated base keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. Choose from chic grey or on-trend slate. Available in double, king and super king sizes.


  •  Looks great!
  • Choice of colours
  • Sturdy head board rest on floor


  • Doesn’t include mattress
  • May need to be professionally cleaned

Isabella Ottoman Storage Bed Frame

The Isabella Ottoman storage bed is another bedroom furniture that blends well with tons of home decor. With this bed, you can store away shoes, extra bedding, and clothing items in the front opening Ottoman. 

Here is a lower bed that doubles as a storage space for a few essentials. With an ottoman and its sprung slats, sleepers can look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep.


  •  Comes with ottoman storage that could take up a lot of extra items
  •  Has an elegant wooden walnut finish
  •  The high indented headboard fits well in a bedroom


  •  Dust could get through the slats
  •  The ottoman mechanism sometimes sticks, making it difficult to pull out.

Hugo Nickle metal bed frame

Make a statement in your master bedroom with the Hugo Nickle metal bed. 

It has a black nickel metal finish that looks quite bold within any home decor. 

If you’re going for a classy bedroom style, then I’ve heard that this could bring out that look. 

The railed frames add the expected modern style, with the chunky metals being designed more for stability and functionality.


  •  It is a bold that catches attention easily
  •  It has spring slats that hold it in place
  •  It is sturdy and well-built


  • None really as the weld joints are very good, but if you do buy another metal frame bed always be sure to check out the weld joints.

Happy Beds Domino Kids Bunk Bed

Here is something for the kids. This modest Happy Beds Domino bunk bed is a combination of functionality and elegance. It is a bunk bed that provides subtle shelving  areas as a go-to storage option and a glow-in-the-dark ladder. 

It offers contemporary aesthetics in minimalistic designs. Although, it does have features that appeal to kids, including the multiple colour combinations available. 

The focus has always been safety and we can give them a pass mark on this. The bottom bunk is lower to the ground while the top bunk is surrounded by rails. This would make a great addition to any children’s bedroom.


  •  Multiple designs available
  •  Sturdy construction
  •  Multiple storage options
  •  It has a moderate height for kids to get in and out easily


  •  Tricky to put together

Otty Platform Bed Frame

Crafted from environmentally-friendly rubberwood, the Otty bed has wooden slats and an enhanced metal core that provides better comfort levels. 

With the dark grey polyester headboard, it gives off that look of a bed frame that is built to withstand the test of time. 

However, since I’ve seen beds that do look sturdy but later disappointed by being the exact opposite, you can prove their capabilities by testing them. 

It works with single, double, and pocket springs.


  • Bow sprung slats provide extra comfort
  • It is sturdy as the Otty bed frame has a metal core for structural support
  • Made from quality plywood


  • Some might need more support depending on the mattress.

Types Of Bed Frames-

Bunk Beds These types of bed frames are design to save space. With this, you’re able to get two beds, which will occupy the floor space of just one. It’s also great to have in the rooms of children as they love something adventurous and fun. Bunk beds have the perfect design that caters to this and helps you when you’re short on space in your sleeping area. 

These can also serve as excellent extra sleeping options for guests during a sleepover. If you love versatility, then bunk beds are for you. On the flip side, climbing bunk beds could be incredibly discouraging for children under the age of six. Just as tricky as it could be to haul yourself up on a bunk bed every night, it could also pose some issues when getting out as well. I remember a neighbour who didn’t check out for the ceiling height before ordering her bunk bed. This is important, and she had to replace them. 

• Storage beds When you need a multipurpose bed that doesn’t just serve as a convenient space for a bed but also maximises storage, then storage beds are the way to go. This is its ultimate pro as it is designed with storage capabilities fitted into the bed frame. So, this bed frame can take in everything you need. They are also made with proper woods that give them sturdy construction. However, this could be quite difficult to move around. 

So, if you’re sure that you won’t have to change its location too often, then you can overlook this. Another factor to look out for is the hefty price tag, which is higher compared to other bed frames. You can get a platform bed in-built with storage at the bed base. This will give you firm support with deep storage units. 

• Divan beds Usually, the base is made with sturdy wood furniture surrounded by fabric and is a great bed frame for heavy people as they are very strong. It is then placed on wheels so that you can move it around quickly. Divan beds can also have storage drawers and headboards. 

All these work together to make sure you have a comfortable night’s sleep. So, if you’re looking for a strong and comfortable  bed, then divan beds can fit the bill.

Types of materials- Wooden bed Frame Or Metal Bed Frame

Bed frames are made with different types of materials, including wood, leather, and metal. If your primary focus is on durability, then you can opt for metal bedsteads, which are as tough as it can get. They are known to be quite sturdy, and you don’t have to worry about the possibilities of breaking. All you have to do is treat it right, and the bed frames will last for several years. Your choice of bedstead will depend on the type of look you want to achieve. 

Wood frames usually add a warm ambiance to a room. Wood materials used for bedstead include maple, walnut, pine, mahogany, and oak. If your target is more of luxury, then metal bed frames would be suitable as they give off a more relaxed theme. Also, you can opt for leather bed frames for your bedroom. It can be either faux leather or genuine leather. Also, leather bed frames come in different colours, including brown, black, and beige. 

However, these are only for platform and sleigh bed frames. Usually, they require a lot of maintenance to keep them in the perfect condition for a long time. The bottom line here is that all beds come with their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to understand the purpose it would serve to pick the one that is best for your apartment.

Choosing The Correct Size- Single Bed Or Double Bed Frame

To choose the correct size of bedsteads, you will have to take accurate measurements of your room. Leave at least 3 feet on the sides and end of your bed to allow for free movement. Then, find out the standard bed dimensions and compare this to the space left in your room. This will make sure you have good room around your bed to use your bedroom properly.


If you have a wooden bed frame, you’ll want to make sure that you get a mattress that is compatible with it. The same goes for metal bed frames. 


Wood is sturdy, and when used for bed frames, they have less likelihood of falling apart. If you cherish a quiet environment, then a wood is better as it produces less noise. There is a higher possibility of a metal bed frame creaking at some point in time.


It’s important to choose the right bed frame to get the most out of your mattress. A traditional metal frame may not provide the necessary support for a memory foam mattress, which can lead to premature deterioration. Instead, opt for a solid platform bed or a frame with plenty of supporting slats. This will help extend the life of your mattress and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Conclusion - Best Bed Frames

There are many factors to consider when choosing a bed frame, but ultimately the best option for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you want a sturdy frame that will last for years, then metal or wood may be the best option for you. If you’re looking for something more affordable or easier to move, then a platform bed or futon frame may be a better choice. Ultimately, for you is the one that meets your needs and preferences in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.