Our best bed frames for big people below and save yourself time scrolling through endless results that are not suited for you.

Being a heavy individual can put you at a slight disadvantage when shopping for a new bed setup. First, you need a comfortable mattress, then a robust bed that can support it.

best bed frame for heavy people

Unfortunately, most bed frames available on the market today are tailored for lighter individuals, leaving the rest of us with few choices to choose from. Lucky for you, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style. If you know where to look, you’ll find a heavy duty bed frame uk that could change the way you sleep forever – in a good way.

We wanted to make things a little easier for you, so we went through dozens of reinforced beds uk for heavy people in the UK and reviewed nine of the best. But, before we get to the bed frames, here are a few things you need to know.

Things To Consider When To Make Sure You Get Best Bed For Overweight Person uk

Type of Material

Not every bed frame construction material out there can support your weight. Robust materials make better bed frames since they are more likely to present a higher weight capacity. Wooden frames and box springs, for example, might not hold up as well as steel.

nuts on wooden table

For that reason, most of the beds we have reviewed on our list are either partially or wholly made of steel or hardwood since they are more supportive than any other bed frame construction materials.

Additional Support Legs

Extra legs on a bed frame mean additional support. Most ‘regular’ beds have four to seven legs. Bed frames with more than four legs are usually designed to be more supportive, with most bed frames for heavy people UK having seven to nine legs. You should, therefore, get yourself a bed frame with additional legs for more rigid support.

Trial Period

When shopping online, you can never be truly sure of the product’s quality and authenticity since you get all your information from product descriptions and customer reviews. A trial period is excellent since it gives you a chance to test out the bed frame for yourself for an extended period. Depending on the brand and where you do your shopping, the trial period can range from 30 days to a year. Typically, if you are not happy with the bed frame,  all you have to do is notify the company, and it will make arrangements for the frame to be returned and process a refund.

Warranty Period

Most companies provide a warranty to help assure their customers that their bed frames are covered. Knowing how long you have until the company can no longer replace or repair the bed frame can give you peace of mind, especially if you were sceptical about the bed frame in the first place.

Warranties can range anywhere from a few years to a lifetime. Brands that offer lifetime warranties on their bed frames demonstrate the confidence they have in their products.

Top Nine best Bed Frames for Heavy People UK

1. Nodax* European Size Wooden Pine Bed Frame ‘F2.

Elegance and simplicity. That is what you get with the Nodax* European Bed Frame. This bed frame is made of wooden solid pine wood with a walnut finishing to give it an elegant look that blends in with almost any bedroom décor.

It features four robust support legs and a central bar for extra stability and support. On top of that, this bed frame has 18 strong plywood slats. All the slats have pre-drilled holes that enable them to be attached to the bed frame.

Once screwed in, they work together with the central bar to provide optimum stability and durability. All in all, this European king size bed frame measures 160cm by 200cm making it the best bed frame for heavy person. The Nodax* European Bed Frame comes with a one year guarantee on defective parts and a clearly illustrated animated video to help you assemble it manually.


It has a sturdy construction

It has an elegant design

It comes equipped with a central bar and 18 plywood slats for optimum support.


We did not find any issues at the time of this publication.

2. Lancashire Furniture Forrest European

Take one look at this bed frame, and you’ll fall in love with its elegant design. It features a dark and warm brown, dark walnut, and Milano oak colour that accentuates the grain’s horizontal and vertical lines to give it an executive look fit for a king. The Lancashire Furniture Forrest European bed frame has thickened sides that make it look great and increase its stability and weight capacity. This king-size bedpost for heavy people UK measures 176cm by 212cm, with a height of 90cm. On the downside, the company only delivers in Mainland UK.


 It has an elegant design

Sturdy construction

 Excellent stability


Only delivered to Mainland UK.

It is challenging to assemble.

3. Sensaform Airstream Memory 3000 Divan Bed

If you are looking for a divan bed frame that will give you absolute comfort with a taste of luxury, then look no further. The Sensaform Airstream Divan Bed might be the bed for you.

This bed features 1050 pocket springs that offer individual support. On top of that, you also get a dynamic perimeter support system that ensures maximum durability and comfort.

The pocket springs work independently to actively distribute your weight, thus providing you with supreme active support. The Sensaform Divan Bed also comes equipped with the Airstream Copper Infused Memory Foam Technology. Copper is known for its many health benefits, including anti-viral and anti-bacterial elements that actively neutralise harmful microbes and odours.

It also assists in energising, strengthening, and supporting muscles and joints to relieve pain. This makes this bed ideal for heavy people and for athletes and anybody else who needs joint support.The copper particles also help in temperature regulation by creating conductive pathways that store or flow heat away. This is of great benefit in those summer months.

The sturdy divan base comes in six different colours and multiple storage configurations to give you all the versatility and customisation you need.


 It has a sturdy base

Actively regulates temperature

Actively kills harmful microbes 

It comes with multiple storage configurations.


 It is quite expensive

4. Highgrove Aloe Vera 6ft Super King Size Mattress with Faux Suede Divan Base

If you are in the market for an affordable bed frame that will give you all the elegance and sturdiness of a high-end model, then your better check out this 6ft Super King Size Divan Base. It is the best bed frame for heavy person. This bed frame’s platform is unique. Its style design has a hardtop and is attractively furnished in a modern faux suede textile.

It comes in three different configurations. You can choose the standard design, sprung base design, or a reinforced bed base divan. This wooden bed frame with drawers has the option to choose between silver glide feet and standard castors.

Like our previous pick, this bed frame comes in two pieces joined together with strong and durable fixings. You can also purchase a matching headboard to complete its elegant look.


 It has a sturdy construction

Very customisable

 Multiple storage configurations

You can get a matching headboard.


The matching headboard is sold separately.

5. Shire Eco Drift 6ft Super King Size Reinforced Divan Base

With the King size Divan Base, you get a bed frame that not only looks great but also lasts long.

This bed frame is made of a sturdy timber frame with wooden straps running across its width and a flat board attached on top to give it a flat surface.

It comes in various styles, storage configurations, and colours that can match with any bedroom décor. Like our previous pick, you also get to choose between silver glide feet or standard castors.


It has a sturdy timber construction

Castors or glides

It has a reinforced base making it the best bed frame for heavy person

Multiple storage configurations and colours to choose from


 It comes in two separate pieces.

6. Shire King Size Low Divan Base 

If you are looking for a bed frame with a stylish, modern look, then this might be the product for you. The Shire Low Divan Base  has a low modern look and over choses of colours and matching headboard is also availible.

It has a platform style design with a solid top construction and silver glide feet that add to the divan style.

You can also choose from reinforced  or standard divan base that come in 2 different heights.

Chose also from 4 leg types – Plastic, Wooden, Caster or Silver glide


  • It has a sturdy construction
  • Simple, elegant design
  • It comes in various colours
  • 4 Leg types
  • Two base heights 13cm or 20cm 
  • Bundle offer to add a mattress protector


  • Definitely try before you buy could be too low for some.

7. 5.6ft Super King Size Divan Bed Base Only in Grey Faux Leather

This bed frame comes in three configurations- standard, reinforced or split standard which comes in four pieces. It is available in a sprung base design for a softer, more luxurious feel and a platform top base for firmer support.

This bed frame is made entirely from hardwood timber to provide you with a comfortable, robust sleeping platform.

Like our previous pick, this bed frame comes in a variety of storage configurations.  (180cm x 200cm long), choose from 2 head boards with the option of the same colour in the tall floor standing headboard.


It has a sturdy construction

The bed frame is durable

Drawer options two or four-in standard length (32 inches) or jumbo length (47.5 inches)

 Casters or glides


Only available in grey faux leather


8. Windsor 6ft zip and Link Bed with 10in Deep Medium Firm Mattresses

If you want the best bed frame for heavy person that will offer you absolute versatility and comfort, then this might be the bed for you. This bed frame is luxurious, comfortable, and munificently upholstered bed frame with several soft fillings layers.


The Windsor frame feature offers comfort offering diverse sleeping arrangements. You can easily split it apart into two three-foot independent divan beds or use it as a luxurious divan bed. Each divan bed is connected to the top and foot by linking bars, and the mattresses are held together by a durable zipper.

This bed is available in two sizes; two divan 3” X 6.3” (90cm X 190cm) or two divan 3” x 6.6” (90cm X 200cm). Both sizes are available with a spring base that offers a softer, more luxurious feel or a platform top base that offers firmer support. You can also get it in a custom size and storage options by contacting the manufacturer.


It can be split into two divan beds.

Guest bed option

Very comfortable, making it best bed frame for heavy person.

Reinforced base option

splits in 4

It comes with multiple storage options.


We did not find any issues at the time of this publication.

9. 4.6ft Super King Size Divan Bed Base Only in Brown Faux Leather

If you are looking for a bed frame that you can customize any way you see fit, then this might be the bedpost for you. This Divan bedpost comes in two separate halves that can be assembled using clips. It also comes with castors and attachments for the headboard.

Despite coming in so many pieces, you’ll like the fact that assembling it is pretty straightforward and requires no technical expertise.

You also get plenty of choices to choose from. You can decide to go with the Divan bed base with standard side drawers (32 inches long), jumbo side drawers (47.5 inches long), or full-length side drawers.


lots of customisation options for storage and headboards.

Choose from 3 base options

 It has a sturdy construction


It comes in two pieces.

The headboard is not included in the initial purchase. You have to buy it separately.

 It comes only in brown faux leather.


A bed frame can usually hold up to 35 stones. However, heavy-duty bed frames made for heavy people can hold anywhere between 35 stones and 58 stones. Things to consider number of feet, type of material and also the size of the slats can contribute to how much load and bed frame can support.


A bed frame could cause back pain. Platform bed frames, for example, are cheaper and more practical. On the downside, their low profile can cause back and knee pains. On the other hand, Box spring bed frames actively distribute your weight evenly, thus minimising the risks of back pain.


The best type of wood for beds is Oak, its super strong and beautiful to look at. The most commonly used types of wood in bed frames are manufactured in pine, maple, oak, and beech


The main difference between the two is the mechanism they use for support and how they are fitted onto the bed frame. Solid slats run across the bed’s width, while sprung slats are fixed such that they have an arch that faces upwards.

In closing

If you were having trouble finding the Best bed frames, we hope we’ve helped you out. As you can see there are quality strong beds for obese uk. We have reviewed nine of the best bed frames for heavy people UK and given you a few pointers on what to look for when shopping for one.

Most of the beds in our list offer various customisation options to ensure you get what you’re looking for. If you have any further questions, reach out, and we’ll get back to you. Good luck and happy shopping.