Relax in comfort and the fact the your slatted bed frame is not effecting how your mattress feels. Here is the help for finding the perfect partners for your slatted bed frame, then this guide will help you figure out the best one for you. The word “mattress” should be synonymous with “comfort” because that’s exactly what the right mattress offers. Few things feel better than being able to settle into a cozy bed and just relax as you feel all the stress and tension of the day slowly melt away.  In all our shopping excitement when we are getting a new mattress, we tend to focus solely on the mattress itself and don’t pay enough attention to the bed frames that play a major roles in giving great mattress comfort and support so you can get the right quality of rest. The platform, box spring or slatted support surface – the base you put your mattress on – often differs based on which your bed frame requires and this is what bed frames are classed by. 

Certain mattresses are better fits for certain beds and getting a mattress that it isn’t a good match to your mattress base would not only possibly ruin the mattress and void warranties, but also would likely translate to several uncomfortable nights which would ruin the entire experience for you. Choose one of our best mattress for your slatted be

What Type of Mattress is Best for Wooden Sprung Slatted Base?

The connected bars that make up the base are called bed slats and provide strong support, better ventilation and lots of comfort. A bed frame for slatted beds usually uses wooden slatts and has rubber holders used to join the planks of wood to it. Sometimes they are solidly constructed with the slats permanently fixed to the frame. Other times, they are joined to the frame using a mesh to keep them in place.

When purchasing the best mattress for slatted base, you can be rest assured that your slatted bed would most likely support it so you don’t void a warranty or end up not getting enough support to fully enjoy the quality the mattress promises. Selecting what type of mattress would work as the best mattress for wooden slatted base is easy thanks to its versatile design that allows it support a vast range of mattress types. With the proper spacing (usually 3 to 4 inches), bed slats are suitable for nearly all mattress types.

Do Slatted Bed Frames Ruin Mattresses?

The performance of slat bed depends on how much sag your mattress has to it, or how much weight it has. It is unlikely that your slatted bed would ruin your mattress if you buy a mattress that compliments it well and if the slats have the right spacing for the nature of the material the mattress is made with.

Slat beds generally provide uneven support for mattresses and your mattress may shift or sag if it has heavy weight. 

The lifespan of your mattress may be shortened with an adjustable base because there is added pressure on particular parts of the mattress. A pocket sprung mattress on slatted base would also have lots of strain on the springs if there is no gradual suspension.

Lastly, without boarding over slats and the use of mattress pads or some other form of cushioning, the underside of your mattress directly placed on the slatted base would have noticeable ridges which can cause rips.

Can I put a Memory Foam Mattress on a Slatted Bed Base?

Of course you can! A memory foam mattress’ foam core needs a solid uniform mattress base to rest on. A memory foam mattress is the best mattress for slatted bed when you have a slatted bed frame, especially one with an only wooden slatted base, because the mattress is not rigid and needs a solid base. They are also heavier in comparison to most other traditional mattresses. For strong support for a memory foam mattress, your slat spacing should not exceed 4 inches width (2 inches are the ideal, more preferable width), and the mattress should have support for its entire length (that is, the ladder length and mattress length should be the same). Otherwise, getting a bunkie board or extra slats might be necessary. Note that a solid memory foam may push between slats because of its density.

Solid Slats vs Sprung Slats

There are two types of slatts and like their names suggest, fixed or solid slats are firm timber or pine wood pieces that are straight and fixed while sprung slats, usually made from beech wood, are pliable enough to be slightly bent or bowed so they flex under applied pressure. Solid slats have one row of slats that run the entire width, while sprung slats have two full rows with a centre support rail. The major differences between solid and sprung slats are based on the amount of support they provide and how the slats fit.

Solid slats give a very firm and supportive base so if what you want is a firmer feel, solid slats are the better choice. A mattress like the pocket sprung mattress on slatted base works better with a solid slat because the springs need the firm surface to properly work. They are usually wooden or metal and due to how rigid they are, there is a lot of pressure applied to certain parts in the mattresses which can be damaging.

Sprung slats are plusher and they offer the alternative of a more cushioned surface to sleep on. They are designed to be fitting for heavier body weights, relieve pressure points and reduce stain on your mattress.  A disadvantage of these sprung slats is the ‘The Hump Back Bridge Effect’ which refers to when a mattress settles on the central support bar and develops a central dip. Now you’ve read are thoughts on sprung slat vs solid slat hopefully you can make your decision.

Will a Slatted Bed Frame Effect the Firmness?

The base of the bed frame has an effect on how firm your mattress will feel. Slatted beds can be fixed, creating a firm and rigid foundation for your bed, or more flexible and adjustable to create a softer feel. How much of the firmness is affected depends on the density of the mattress.

When a mattress is thick, you possibly would not feel much of the effect on how it feels. With a thin mattress however, the overall feel is defined by the base. Mattresses would also tend to feel softer on widely spaced slats because of the lack of adequate support.

Are wooden slats better than metal?

There’s not much difference between a wooden slat or a metal slat. Both give you great support and are very long lasting. Sure a metal one may be more expensive and a wooden one more quite. The main things to consider are the size of the slats and the gaps in between them. Getting a quality mattress and you wouldn’t be able to tell if your on metal or wooden slats.

Top 5 Best Mattress for Slatted Bed Selections.


Best pocket sprung mattress holman

Our first pick for the best mattress for slatted bed is the upgraded version of the the Insignia Ashdown mattress, the Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress, for the extra ease and firm support it promises.

The Holman is a tufted mattress with deep filling layers and a soft touch cover, which gives it a very cushioned feel on a slatted bed. It has up to 1,961 pocket springs which all give a comfortable feel and distribute your body weight evenly so there isn’t pressure only an particular part of the mattress.

These pocket springs also minimise motion impact and transfer, which helps to prevent movements from affecting the other side of the bed.

Firmness: If you need a firm textured mattress that offers lots of support, The Holman Mattress is the perfect fit.

Sizes: It is available in 3’0 Single, 4’0 Small Double, 4’6 Double, 5’0 King, 6’0 Super King sizes.

Silient Night

This pocket spring mattress with 683 individually responsive pocket springs is a top choice for best mattress for slatted bed owing to its advanced pocket spring system. It is a sturdy medium mattress, which makes it suitable for a wide range of individuals and it has even weight distribution, which makes it great for slatted beds. The Silentnight mattress has a soft surface layer and a comfort layer that features Eco Comfort fibres, which is completely recyclable, hypoallergenic very comfortable and breathable.

Firmness: Silentnight  Mirapocket Mattress has a medium firmness level.

Sizes: The mattress has 4 available sizes ranging from 4’0 single size to the 6’0 Super King size.

Millbrooke Hampshire 4000

Keep your spine and entire body in great shape with this best mattress for slatted bed that provides quality support. This mattress has up to 4000 full size, individually hand nested pocket springs for a zonal edge spring system, which helps to give you a great posture and plenty of support for your spine.

The springs also help provide adequate contouring and shaping to your body and also help with even weight distribution which give you more comfort on a slated base. Millbrook Hampshire 4000 is made with a layer of performance cotton which helps aerate and dry the mattress more quickly. I consider this feature helpful in case of a spillage because it is easier to get your bed aired or dried out, but it also helps to dry out the sweat that seeps into the mattress while you sleep. The product has layered cotton, which gives temperature regulation and is good for an extra layer of comfort.

Firmness: It is a medium-firm tension best mattress for slatted bed for those looking for added back support.

Sizes: You can get it in the Single, Double, King, Super King.


Otty hybrid mattress is a combination product that provides you with the best of spring and foam that contours to your body in the best way and give you all the support you need. It has up to 2000 pocket springs all separately packaged, which gives you less motion transfer and better support. Otty mattress has a great price point and the pocket springs Otty Hybrid Mattresses make use of are large in comparison to similar mattresses, reaching up to 16cm, and provide more spring-to-matress ratio other competing mattresses offer.

Firmness: Otty Hybrid has a medium firmness level with adequate support and comfort.

Sizes: Available sizes of this mattress: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King

Dormeo octaspring 7500- Our Favourite For Slatted Bed Frame

This memory foam mattress is a best mattress for slatted bed choice because it gives you support for your entire body and ensures you get proper spine alignment. With the Ecofresh treatment of this mattress which keeps bacteria, allergens and mites away, you can be sure your mattress is protected and safe. It makes use of a breathable Ecocell technology with permanent elasticity, which helps with better air flow and more support as it contours to your body shape.

Firmness: Dormeo Octaspring is a best mattress for slatted bed with a medium-firm comfort level.

Sizes: It has Single, Double, King Size and Super King Size mattresses.


Your sure fire combination for a good night’s sleep is a good mattress on a good base. When changing your mattress or bed frame, putting how well matched your choices are into careful consideration can make all the difference. Slatted beds give benefits like increased airflow and better ventilation, even weight distribution with less movement transfer, and stable support for most mattress types.

Our selections for the best mattress for slat bed are choices of mattresses designed with the right benefits and features, based on what you may need, to be suitable for a slatted bed and to work excellently in giving quality and comfort. For more options check out the list for our best pocket sprung mattress, which ate great on a slatted base.