The best mattress is the Simba mattress, due to to its excellent quality, superb support, so if you are suffering from a bad back and you think it might be your mattress, this mattress could be for you. It also has long trial period, to see the full review click read more.

The market is packed with a wide range of mattresses from which you can choose the your favourite 2020. The first thing you need to know before you embark on choosing is the different types of mattresses in the market. Getting the best mattress for you requires some research, with so many available from latex, foam and hybrid. Read these reviews and make the perfect choice.




Best for




200 Nights

Back pain relief



100 nights

Overall support



100 Nights

Side,Back and Stomach



60 Nights

Ideal for front sleepers



365 Days

All rounder



40 Nights

Back Sleepers

Silient night


40 Nights




200 Nights

All sleeping positions

Which Type Of Mattresses Is Best For You and Your Bed


This is the most common type of mattress. It usually features steel coils that are fitted within the body of the mattress. The pocket springs get compressed when you put weight on the mattress. The size, shape, and number of coils in this type of mattress can vary. However, a mattress with more pocket springs features superior quality, more support and very comfy, these are great mattresses for slatted bases.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses were established in the mid-1960s by NASA to improve aircraft cushions’ safety. Its material Memory foam mattresses among the finest mattresses in the market because they take on your shape, and they slowly bounce back to their original shape when you remove your weight. They, therefore, provide extra cushioning and support, especially for side sleepers because of the layer of memory foam. The conformity element of the memory foam mattress also helps to disperse your weight evenly on the surface hence prevent issues like back and shoulder pains. Memory foam also provides for firm mattress quality.


These mattresses are cool because they allow for consistent airflow. They are also comfortable, and they provide enough support for the body. They have gel infused into the foam to allow for coolness.


These types of mattresses are relatively new in the market. However, hybrid mattresses are very popular because they provide a lot of support, bounce, comfort, and softness. They usually have more layers than other types of mattresses. The main advantage of the mattress is that they allow you to customise your experience. They are, however, very expensive. These are great for all sleeping positions.


Latex mattresses offer pressure relief and contouring. They also provide extra bouncy elements, and they do not retain a lot of heat. Other than the different types, before you decide whether to buy a mattress or not, you need to consider the wide range of brands in the market and which features suit you.. Below are some of our favourite mattress brands in the market:

Best Mattress Reviews

The Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress - Rated Our Best Mattress Pick

This Simba Pro features seven layers of hybrid innovation. The top layer features a super soft and breathable surface that is ideal for sleeping.  The surface also features a thick knitted cover that does not compromise the airflow within the mattress.

Underneath the sleep layer is the natural British wool layer that is only available on this product. This layer allows for natural temperature regulation that is ideal during the hot season and for people who like to sleep during the daytime.

It also features an open-cell foam layer and two unique patented spring-comfort layers that allow for extra comfort of the mattress. The mattress features additional springs that allow for more excellent airflow. 

 The pocket springs also allow for better body weight distribution and gravity-defying comfort. It also features a high definition foam that provides edge support and a zoned base that offers extra support at the bottom. Which makes this mattress very comfy.

The company allows for a 200-night trial. This means that you get to use the mattress for 200 days without paying an initial cost. After 200 days, you can decide to buy it or not without any financial risks. The mattress comes in 7 different sizes including Single, King, Double, Small Double and Super King. The Simba Hybrid Pro is a premium hybrid mattress and makes the top of our list of best mattresses for all of its great great features, but there are some other great mattresses to choose from below.


the Simba hybrid pro is super comfortable because of the dual spring element

It features a 10-year guarantee

The quality of the mattress is impeccable and can fit a wide range of bases depending on your personal preference


 It is quite costly

 Could take some time to get used to 

Tempur Cool Touch Original luxe Memory Foam Mattress

Made using the original TEMPUR material made with space, comfort, and balance in mind. One of the main incredible elements of the TEMPUR material is that it conforms to the body hence providing you with impeccable comfort and support.

The conformity element also makes it suitable for reducing pressure points, allowing for a peaceful sleep. The mattress also features a space technology and is made using materials that respond to the body’s temperature, shape, and weight. The memory foam mattress comes with washable covers that are easy to zip off. The covers are machine washable at 60 degrees Celsius and very durable.

The mattresses come in three ranges (supreme, Elite, and Luxe). They all feature different sizes and qualities with the luxe range as the most superior. The company offers free delivery services and a ten-year guarantee. The brand also offers an easy return policy where a team will be sent to pick up the mattress if it does not satisfy your needs.


It comes in 10 sizes and it is a firm mattress

It is a particularly good option because it has easy to clean the mattress cover

It features a material that conforms to the shape and weight of the body because of the layers of foam


It is very costly because of its superior quality

Not as firm as some others on the market

Otty hybrid mattress

This award-winning pocket sprung mattress features a combination of pocket springs and foam that work together to allow for extreme comfort and support with any kind of bed.The mattress features five innovative layers that make it stand out in the market. The top layer features a removable and washable cover. The cover is made with luxury thick knit material that helps create a soft sleep surface, and it is washable at 40 degrees on the washing machine. 

The second layer features a temperature regulating memory foam. The memory foam is made using an innovative technology that helps to keep you at the perfect temperature when sleeping.
The three layer of the sprung mattress comprises a high-density support foam. The reflex foam is specially designed to provide maximum amounts of comfort. The second last layer consists of up to 2000 encapsulated 16cm pocket springs. 

The pocket springs are specially chosen to offer medium firmness rating hence providing maximum support. The pocket springs also minimise motion transfer, therefore, making the product perfect for sharing. Finally, it features an airflow side support that allows for edge-to-edge sleeping surfaces and allows for ideal temperature regulation.


It is made up of an HD base foam that provides a solid foundation

 It is highly comfortable

 It features incredible temperature regulation technology


Again feel not for everyone, but there is the 100 night trial to make your mind up

Dormeo octaspring 7500

Dormeo Octaspring is made using breathable eco cell foam that is designed to maintain its elasticity permanently.The foam features a 3-D cellular structure that provided for efficient circulation of air and ideal support. The mattress also features innovative memory foam springs.

The springs are significantly more breathable than any traditional memory foam. They allow for supreme comfort and support. It comes with a luxurious latex layer. The layer is durable and elastic hence allowing for more bounce.The latex also moulds to the shape and weight of your body, therefore, allowing for comfort. 

The material is also ideal for allergy sufferers because of its anti-microbial and hypoallergenic elements. It features a trial policy that lasts for 200 nights. Another incredible feature of the mattress is that it features a super-stretch cover. The elasticity of the cover allows for a softer sensation. The cover is easy to remove and wash as it is washable. It is a no-flip design.

This means that you do not have to flip the mattress. Instead, you simply have to rotate it. It comes with invisible handless that allows for easy rotation, and they can be tucked back after use.


It comes with an easy to maintain cover

It features two layers of octasprings that allow for      breathability

It is extremely comfortable


Mattress height quite low compared to others

Nectar memory foam mattress

The Nectar memory foam mattress comes with an adaptive cooling cover. The cover is custom designed to draw heat away from your body. It also allows for the ideal circulation of fresh air each time you move due to its layer of memory foam. It also features a minimize motion transfer element. This means that you

can exercise the freedom of movement without worrying about waking your partner or spilling your wine. It comes with a 3-layer foam construction and 2 layers of Certipur viscoelastic foam. The base layer is designed to allow for extra support and allowing for minimised

motion transfer. All the layers of the mattress have the perfect share of smoothness, firmness, and sustenance that most people are looking for.

The adaptive foam mattress layers are constructed to provide relieve in parts of the body that experience the most pressure because of the layer of memory foam. It, therefore, allows for better alignment of the spinal cord. The mattress comes with two premium free pillows. The

company provides a free delivery service, a 365-night trial at no cost, and a forever warranty. The mattress is suitable for different types, sizes.


It is easy to maintain and provides a peaceful night’s sleep

It offers the perfect balance between support and comfort

It comes with complimentary pillows


It is only available for sell online

Revived Pocket Sprung Mattress

This is an ECO friendly mattress that offers over 6000 individual pocket springs. The springs allow for extra firmness and pressure point zoning. The pocket springs also help to spread the weight of your body evenly as you sleep hence preventing issues like muscle pains. The sized pocket element helps to promote these benefits. 

The sprung mattress also comes with supportive and resilient recycled fibre filling that provides added support. The natural fillings are also hypoallergenic. The pocket sprung mattress comes with a soft-touch knitted cover that is made using SEAQUAL YARN. The cover adds to the support and comfort elements of the mattress. 

The product is treated using natural purotext probiotic that helps to reduce allergens and dust mites which may hinder the peacefulness of your sleep.

This is a single-sided mattress. This means that you do not have to turn the mattress. Instead, the manufacturers recommend occasional rotating from head to toe. Another impressive feature of this mattress is that it is made yarn whose main raw material is over 200 recycled plastic bottles. The cover is also made using up-cycled marine plastic. The cover features an open construction that allows for breathability, moisture-wicking and regulation of your body temperature. It features a 100 nights trial period.


It is made using recycled materials

It comes with a breathable cover

The company offers free delivery


Needs rotating

Emma Memory foam

Emma is an innovatively European designed mattress that allows for a superior sleep experience. The memory foam mattress is expertly developed to allow for tremendous comfort and support when sleeping. It offers a lot of benefits, including keeping your spine aligned when you sleep on your side, back or stomach because of its HRX material layer. The fact that it adapts to the natural contour of your body also helps with back support, body support and joint pain relief. 

Its perfect for a side sleeper. Additionally, it is a sweat-free design that does not trap moisture and heat when you are sleeping. It also allows for free airflow hence helping you stay cool during hot nights. 

It features an Airgocell memory foam layer that adapts to pressure and responds to your movements. Other than the foam top, it also comes with a climate regulating removable cover that is machine washable. The cover is made up of 99% polyester and 1% elastane. 

It is easy to set up as all you need is to take it out of the box, tear off the plastic and you are good to go. It features a 100 night trial policy.


It is easy to maintain because of the removable cover

It provides motion isolation and pressure relief

It is incredibly comfortable because of the foam top


Its not for everyone, but at least there’s a long trial period

Silent night Eco pocket

One of the main advantages that this mattress offers is its advanced Mirapocket zoned support element. This element provides superior spinal alignment and posture support.

It features a double spring element with sized pocket springs. This means that the mattress will be able to support your weight properly because of the even spread across the whole mattress. 

The silent night mattress is also designed with an exclusive silent night EcoComfort cooling technology. The technology features the use of breathable materials that allow for a superior and fresh sleep experience. It also features eco comfort fibres that prevent overheating and air vents that provide for maximum airflow. 

It is made from high-quality hypoallergenic mattress fabric that helps to assist with the airflow element. It is easy to maintain because all you need to do is to rotate it using its convenient handles. It comes with an 8-year worth guarantee that coversstructural defects and accidental damages.

Mattress firmness Rating

Mattress firmness refers to how soft or firm the mattress feels. Firmness is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a mattress.

Getting the right level of firmness will significantly influence the comfort of your sleep and alleviate pressure points in the back and other sensitive areas. The wrong firmness can cause discomforts like aches and pains.

Therefore, you need to consider the following firmness rating scale when choosing the right mattress firmness.

1: Extra soft (the surface sinks deeply when slept on)

2-3: Extra soft (surface sinks and conforms to a significant extent)

4: Medium soft (the surface sinks somewhat and conforms fairly close)

5: Medium (very little surface sink and moderate conformity)

7-8: Firm (little to no sinking and minimal conforming)

9-10: Extra firm (no sinkage and little to no conforming)

Does the thickness of the mattress matter?

The thickness of the mattress will significantly affect the quality of your sleep. If a mattress if either too thin or too thick, it can negatively impact your sleep quality. The thickness of the mattress is not influenced by its height but by the material within the mattress. The layers within the mattress contribute to its thickness.

Standard mattresses consist of two categories of layers. The first one is the foundation or the base and the second one is the comfort layer. The role of the comfort layer or layers is to provide maximum support, temperature regulation, motion isolation, and comfort.

Most of the time, mattresses feature several comfort layers, each contributing to the elements mentioned above. The foundation or base layer allows for durability, breathability, and overall support.

Is it better to have a firm or soft mattress?

Soft mattresses usually feel plush to the touch and skin. They are made up of more comfort layers, including memory foam, latex, and soft mattress covers.

On the other hand, firm mattresses feel firmer, and they tend to contour less to the body on initial touch. Firm mattresses provide a more even sleep surface.

Pros of soft mattresses


Great for side sleepers as they allow for greater contouring.


Less durable

May make aches and pains worse

Lacking in support

Pros of firm mattresses

They are ideal for heavier people

More durable

Provide support for back and stomach sleepers


May aggravate pre-existing issues like arthritis and scoliosis

Less support for side sleepers hence resulting in hip and shoulder pains


When choosing which mattress to buy, you ought to consider elements like the lifespan of the mattress. Most of the top companies offer at least 10 year warranty. The 10 year warranty speaks to its lifespan and durability and how to get rid of your old mattress.
Its thickness also another factor you ought to consider is the type of mattress and the materials from which it is manufactured. It is always wise to go for a hypoallergenic mattress and one whose materials are sturdy. Another significant factor to consider when determining which mattresses are the best is your sleeping position. 

 Your sleeping position will determine the ideal thickness and firmness that you should choose. for instance, if you prefer to sleep on your back, a firm type would be the best option. Your weight or the weight of the person for whom you are buying the mattress will also impact the type, thickness and firmness of the mattress you select. 

Finally, you ought to consider the price of the mattress.  Naturally, high-quality mattresses cost a lot of money that matches their value. Make sure to consider all these factors and it will help to improve your sleep experience and prevent issues like back and shoulder pain.