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Back pain is more common in adults than you might expect (reaching up to 80% in the United kingdom, according to the National Institute of Health) and can make being able to relax and enjoy a full night’s rest extremely difficult. Even worse, with the wrong mattress, you might end up having to get up in the morning with a back aching worse than before. Not the best way to start the day.

Thankfully, we now have several types of mattresses that are designed to support your needs. In selecting the best mattress for bad back, you have to put into consideration details like how it affects your sleeping position and posture.

A good mattress for a bad back would brace your neck, shoulders and lower back properly so as to allow the tissues holding your muscles together (ligaments) to recover. Your body weight and hip size also define the firmness that is appropriate for you. Usually, the wider your hips are, the softer you need the best mattress for bad back to be. 

How can a mattress cause back, shoulder or neck pain?

Waking up aching and feeling unrested is often caused by muscle imbalance and improper positioning of joints. Consistent misalignment would lead to tension and pain which might become chronic. The common problem is having a mattress that is too firm or too squishy because neither offers adequate body support. With a mattress that is too soft, it is easy to get into a bad posture, and a mattress that is too firm might only succeed in causing irritation and stiffness. To address this, the best mattresses for bad backs have the right firmness level to improve the health of your body, especially the cervical spine.

What is the best sleeping position for a bad back?

girl sleeping position

You have a favorite sleeping position, don’t you?

 I do too.

 However, your sleeping position just might be the culprit for your back pain whether or not you’re using the best mattress for bad back. Sleeping on your stomach offers no support to your neck, shoulders, hips or spine. On your stomach, your body positions itself with an arched spine and a tilted head removed from its proper neutral position.

When we sleep, our body reduces tension in the muscles further reducing its stability. Being a side sleeper means that you put pressure on these joints and muscles, and compress your vessels and nerves causing poor circulation. Best bet? Stick to sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your back keeps your entire body properly aligned without allowing for twisting and contorting like stomach sleeping often does.

Unlike side sleeping, sleeping on your back also ensures that there is no sagging and your neck is supported without pressure on your back and spine.

What is an orthopedic mattress and are they good for bad backs?

When you need a mattress for lower back pain, an orthopaedic mattress offers the perfect middle ground of firmness and support. Orthopaedic studies the function of the joints and spine. Knowledge from their research has been applied to designing orthopaedic mattresses for back pain with targeted support. 

This best mattress for bad back leverages on the several benefits of orthopaedic support by distributing your body weight evenly to ease pressure, giving adequate push-back for support and keeping your body properly aligned all night long.

With the understanding that not one size fits all, orthopaedic mattresses are available in several different layers to provide different types of the best mattresses for bad backs.

What is important when choosing a mattress to help a bad back?

We need and deserve the best mattress for bad back that makes us sigh in relief and fall right asleep because it is “just right” like Goldilocks did when she finally settled into that last bed in the home of the three bears. Finding and choosing it from the heap of different types of mattresses for back pain available to you is the challenge. Many different options claim to be the perfect choice but what type of mattress is best for back pain?

You have different types of mattresses to take a pick from: organic, memory foam, adjustable beds, hybrid, gel, latex, polyfoam, innerspring, waterbeds, pocket spring, pillowtop and airbeds. The most popular types are the latex, innerspring, hybrid, memory foam and adjustable beds. Each type has unique advantages they offer, however memory foam and latex mattresses are recommended more frequently as the best mattresses for bad backs. Their major advantage is how flexibly they shape to offer comfortable contouring and impressive support.

In choosing a mattress for lower back pain, ensure to find one that provides you the right balance between comfort and adequate back support. This means considering its firmness level, mattress characteristics such as mattress depth, thickness of mattress padding, and coils or springs used. Understand that individual have different preferences and standards and this is what should ultimately guide decision making.

Our top 5 Mattresses Best for Bad Back

Tempur Cool Touch Original Luxe Mattress

Made with a space technology originally developed by NASA, TEMPUR® Material offers comfort and support that’s simply out of this world. The mattress for back pain has a Visco-elastic cells that help it mould to your body and adjust to your body weight, shape, and temperature, which is great because it keeps you super comfortable and eases pressure points.

With its easily removable zip-off covers that are easy to wash up to 60°C, you wouldn’t have to strain and stress to get your covers clean and fresh.

Firmness: The TEMPUR® original luxe mattress has medium firmness with 3 layers.

Sizes: This mattress is available in 10 sizes including standard single double, king size and super king.

They are a durable  mattresses with a full 10-year guarantee.

Trial: Tempur Original Mattresses offer free delivery to you and a 100-day trial period


  • The “no-turn” mattress has a zip-off cover that is machine washable.
  • The TEMPUR® material aid comfort while providing excellent support to keep you in a good posture and position through the night.
  • Three different thicknesses to choose from. 


  • Being engineered to reduce tossing and turning, moving into a new position can be a struggle.


Trial: Tempur Original Mattresses offer free delivery to you and a 100-day trial period

Nectar Mattress

Stay cool while you sleep with the cooling cover that helps to improve air flow. Nectar also has minimised motion transfer, which allows you move freely without disturbing the things or people on the other side of the bed. Their adaptive memory foam mattress layers are engineered to relieve common pressure points around your  hips, legs and shoulders for better spinal alignment on any body type.

Firmness: Nectar is a medium-firm memory foam mattress.

Sizes:  Choose from the Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King sizes of Nectar mattresses

Trial: You get a 365 night home trial and a forever warranty if you choose to try out Nectar.


  • The 9cm memory foam is cozy and relieves pressure points.
  • Nectar gives optimum support and increased air circulation.
  • The products have high quality to increase durability.


  • The memory foam conforms tightly to sleepers which may sometimes be uncomfortable.

Emma Mattress

Emma mattress has a Visco-Elastic memory foam layer for easy distribution of body weight and comfortable contouring, which helps you enjoy pressure relief as you get some shut-eye. The HRX material layer gives counter pressure and keeps your body properly aligned with the right support for your shoulder and lower back to alleviate pain.

The waterproof protector is one I appreciate, considering I have a pet and I could also have found it handy the other day I accidentally spilled water on my cover.

Firmness: Emma is one of the best beds for bad backs with medium firmness.

Sizes: These mattresses for back pain come in 6 sizes ranging from the Twin (28×75 inches) to King (76×80inches).

Trial: You can get a 100-night trial of your Emma mattress with cost-free delivery and returns.


  •  Body alignment and adequate support to your back and spine.
  •  Motion isolation to adjust to your body movements for maximum comfort.
  •  Climate regulation 
  •  Its cover is removable and machine washable.


  • Maybe too firm for some

simba hybrid pro

Simba is a 7-layered hybrid best mattress for bad back, offering you a combination of Aerocoil spring and foam. The titanium Aerocoil spring-comfort layer is uniquely positioned at the top, which is great for providing you lasting cooling comfort.

The springs also evenly distribute your weight so you don’t have pressure on a particular spot.The mattress for sore back is of great quality but it is soft and sometimes may have indentations to match your shape, so it isn’t for you if your need is a very firm mattress.

It can however be the best bed for back pain for people, like those who have spine issues or slipping ribs, who need softness at the top but supportiveness underneath.

Firmness: The Simba mattresses are soft but give a firm feeling and provide support.

Sizes: The 28cm deep mattress is available in Single,  Double, King, and Super King sizes

Trial: Simba gives a 200-day trial period with free delivery and returns, usually without quibbles.


  • It is a gravity defying best mattress for the back that provides support without pressure.
  • The product has a sleep surface that is breathable and comfortable.
  • The natural wool top layer and cosy hypoallergenic knitted cover helps with temperature regulation.



  • The cover is not removable or washable.
  • You can rotate but can’t flip the mattress.

Inofia Sleep Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattresses

 Inofia mattress has pocketed springs, a foam which helps relieve pressure and engineered base with 9 zones.The zone support of this product alleviates back pain and supports correct body alignment for a sweet and sound sleep.This double memory foam has an identical product that is cheaper, but its advantage is its breathable cover and memory foam which increases comfort.

Firmness: Inofia mattresses have moderate firmness levels to contour to and brace your body properly.

Sizes: It is a good mattress for bad back with 24cm depth. It is available in 4 sizes: Single, Double, Small Double, King and Super King. The Double size bed has dimensions of 135×19

Trial: Enjoy a 100-night trial of Inofia mattresses with easy delivery and return.


  • Breathability: It is designed with a premium memory foam that has open pores to make it cool, airy and breathable.
  • Coziness: The 3D quilted covers have a microfiber fill for increased comfort.
  • Even support: This Inofia Sleep is designed to be the best mattress for bad back using pocketed springs which evenly distribute weight and allow you turn over noiselessly.


  • The mattress is vacuum packed and expands suddenly, making it likely to hit you if opening is not done carefully with enough distance.
  • It can takes 24-72 hours to fully recover.


It isn’t the easiest feat to define what’s the best mattress for a bad back or what type of mattress is best for back pain because individuality comes to play in what needs and preferences every person has.

However, sleep is an important part of how our body heals and refreshes itself. What you sleep on largely affects how well you sleep, and the quality of your rest fundamentally determines the quality of your health. Another great option to consider would be the holman mattress.