The best pocket sprung mattress is the Millbrook holmes due to it’s nested pocket design ensuring great comfort and double layered construction –  read the full review here.  It is deliberated to deliver supreme comfort and support. This type of mattress is designed so that the springs are individually encased instead of intertwined. This means that their movement is independent of each other. This construction mode helps to provide a smoother feel. When choosing the best mattresses in the mattress market, you have to take the following elements into account. 

 1. Number of pocket springs-

The number of pocket springs influences the quality of comfort and support that the mattress offers. Consider a mattress with at least 1000 pocket springs.

2. Fillings

Look into the types of fillers used in the mattress. They can either be natural or synthetic fillings. Natural fillings are an incredible choice because they are hypoallergenic, and they provide incredible thermal regulation. The most famous natural fillings in the UK market are bamboo fibre, wool, silk, cotton, and cashmere.

In addition to the number of springs and types of fillings, you also need to consider the price and the durability of the mattress. Below are ten best pocket sprung mattresses that can be found online

Holman Mattress - Our Best Pocket Sprung mattress

This model is an upgrade of the bestselling mattress by Holman hence making it the best pocket sprung on this mattress guide.

  It features 1600 pocket springs. The springs are individually wrapped to allow for extra comfort. All the springs are evenly distributed across the mattress to provide individual support for your body. The springs also absorb any kind of motion you make hence eliminating motion impact, especially when you are sleeping with a partner in the same bed. 

It is a double-sided mattress with deep layers. The layers are designed for luxurious fillings. The deep layers of fillings allow for added comfort and support while sleeping. The mattress features a soft-touch cover that offers a soft and luxurious feeling. It is a double-sided mattress. Therefore, you need to turn it often. 

In addition to turning the mattress, you also need to rotate the mattress frequently from head to toe. The mattress offers a firm level of support without compromising on the comfort. The mattress comes with a one year warranty and comes with a 100-night trial policy for a new mattress.


  • It is a double-sided mattress
  • It comes with a 1-year guarantee and 100 night trial period
  • It is durable and comfortable because of the pocket spring technology


  • Needs to be turned and flipped

Silentnight Melrose Mirapocket

This mattress by Silentnight Melrose provides medium level support, and it is one of the best mattresses in the industry. It is made using 1200 pocket springs. 

 The springs are coupled with generous soft fillings that make the mattress one of the most comfortable and supportive types. 

Each of the springs is housed in an individual pocket. This element helps to allow for even distribution of weight across the mattress. 

The product features an edge to edge construction to allow for more space for sleeping across the entire mattress. Another incredible element of this pocket sprung  is its construction from natural materials from sustainable sources and a foam top. 

For instance, the eco comfort layer is made from fully recycled materials that are fully recyclable and highly breathable. The breathability of the materials allows for air to pass through hence allowing for a refreshing and invigorating sleep experience. 

 The fibres of the mattress material are intelligently constructed vertically to provide additional support and will enable you to move freely during the night. The mattress brand provides an 8-year guarantee. It is ideal for different sleeping positions.


  • It is a medium comfort grade mattress
  • It is made using a beautifully soft mattress
  • Its fabric is hypoallergenic and safe


  • The sizes are limited

Maitland Sprung Mattress

 This is one of the best mattresses pocket-sprung mattresses to pick, features around 1000 springs that are individually wrapped in pockets. The role of the springs is to allow for extra comfort. The springs are distributed evenly across the mattress to allow for independent support for every part of the body when sleeping. The spring technology also helps to absorb motion so that you do not disturb your partner’s movement

 It also comes with deep layers of fillings. The fillings help to increase the level of comfort and support that the mattress has to offer. It has a conventional damask cover. The British sourced cover helps to provide a soft and luxurious feel.

Note that this is a double-sided mattress. This means that regular rotating will not cut it. You have to flip it every once in a while. It comes with useful handless that will help you use minimal effort when flipping. 

 It comes with a one year guarantee. It is a beautiful mattress that comes in two ranges (medium or firm). The firmness, however, does not impact the comfort of the mattress.


  • It comes with a beautiful damask cover
  •  It is easy to rotate because it comes with handles on the sides
  •  It is quite firm, comfortable and has the best customer reviews


  •  The sizes are limited


This mattress is near the top  for side sleepers because it provides zoned support and pressure relief for the whole night like a hybrid mattress. 

 It features a layer of 5 zoned supportive foam. This foam design is specially designed to help relieve the alleviation of painful pressure points, especially for side sleepers.

It is made with 1000 wrapped pocket springs, which allow for gentle support. It has an additional layer of memory foam. Its memory foam layer allows for the mattress to mould to your body contour and weight. 

 The foal layer, therefore, provides extra support, especially for back sleepers. It has a soft-touch woven cover. The cover provides the final touch of comfort. It is a single-sided mattress. Because it is a single-sided mattress, it means that it doesn’t need flippingInstead, you have to rotate the mattress from head to toe. 

The mattress comes with handles that make the rotating process effortless. It features a quilted finish with fabric that is soft-touch knitted. It comes with a one year guarantee and a free delivery policy.


  • It is tremendously comfortable
  • It comes with handles that allow for effortless rotating
  • It is perfect for side sleepers


  • Collection and re-delivery charge if your not happy with the mattress 

Flaxby Nature’s Refine DNAir Mattress

This mattress features fillings that are made using 100% pure natural cotton. The durability of the fillings helps to keep you fresh and relaxed throughout the whole night. The fact that the material helps to wick potential moisture away from the body also helps provide you with extra comfort when you are sleeping.

The mattress comprises a combination of spring pocket design. This design helps to enhance your comfort levels. The spring system is also designed to allow you to experience support when sleeping. It comes with perforated sides. The perforations help to allow for stronger airflow, especially towards the surface of the mattress. This means that you will experience better ventilation and body heat regulation while sleeping.

Its pocket springs are tightly grouped to allow for more excellent weight distribution and pressure relief to cause sleep disturbances otherwise. Additionally, the mattress is covered with a 100% viscose Belgian damask finish. This element helps to heighten the durability of the mattress by preventing tear away. It also provides more comfort because of its temperature regulation and absorbency elements. It also comes with four brass air vents that allow for better airflow and four handles that make rotating easy.


  • It comes with 3000 pocket springs (King Size)
  • It features additional temperature regulation elements for cool nights
  • It features two rows of hand side stitching to allow for extra durability


  • It is quite pricey
  • Firmness at the top end of the scale for the medium and Firm.

Millbrook Hampshire 4000 Mattress

This mattress is a 4000 hand nested pocket sprung design tailored to ensure that they last for up to 60 years or more. It features 5000 pocket springs that allow you to move independently all provide ideal postural support. 

 Spring technology also helps to reduce bed movement, especially when you are sleeping with a partner. The springs are found on the top layer of the mattress.

Their positioning allows for the mattress to effortlessly shape and contour to your body. The springs are also found in a lower region. These lower layer springs are designed to allow for weight distribution hence providing maximum comfort and support. It’s the ideal mattress s for a side sleeper.

Inside the mattress, there are two layers. One of the layers consists of cotton, which is proven to repel any liquids from the air and wick away moisture from within. This layer allows for faster drying and aeration within the mattress. 

 The second one features layered cotton. The role of this layer is to provide added comfort so that you can get better sleep. It also helps with temperature regulation. It also features three rows of traditional hand side stitching that ensure the highest quality.


  • It comes with a 10-year warranty
  • It comes in a wide range of sizes
  • It is comfortable and provides ample support


  •  It is costly compared to some, especially the king size

Hypnos Aspen Natural Splendour Mattress

This mattress features a 3-zone Reactive pocket spring system. This system is perfectly tailored to conform to the weight and shape of your body independently. Doing so provides incredible amounts of comfort and support for you and your partner throughout the night. The mattress features a blend of wool and bonded wool inside it. 

 The combination of these two materials helps to build a strong foundation. The strong foundation helps to allow comfort and support. It also helps to improve the build quality of the bed so that it can last longer.

 It also features two rows of genuine hand stitching on the sides to allow for more sustenance throughout the mattress. It also offers tremendous back-support, which helps to relieve back pain from conditions like sciatica. 

 The support element also helps provide optimal blood circulation, which reduces pressure pain and tension points in the muscles. It is easy to care for. However, it requires seasonal turns because it is a two-sided mattress. As you can see this is one of the top mattresses availible today.


  • It is available two comfort levels (medium and firm)
  • It is made from a blend of wool, silk, and fleece wool
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty and two free pillows


  •  It is expensive

Hypnos Orthos Elite Wool Mattress


Take a look at this firm pocket sprung. It is ideal for people who sleep on their back. It is made with a natural layer of a combination of wool and cotton. Combining the two materials helps to regulate body temperature, allowing you to experience a refreshing sleep. It comes with a reactive 7-turn pocket spring system. 

 The system features seven springs with individual active turns. The element helps the mattress to provide precise contouring that fits the shape of the body. By doing so, it helps to provide extra support and comfort, which would place it high on the list of choices for best mattress for bad back. Additionally, it is covered with Cocona-infused Belgian Damask. The cover provides added softness. 

It also creates a fresh and hygienic surface for sleeping. It is finished using two rows of genuine hand-stitched to allow for edge to edge support. This element, in addition to the soft medium firm factor, also helps to prolong the life of the product and the fillings. 

According to reviews from loyal customers, this product is very efficient when it comes to relieving issues like back pains. An original one comes with a 100 nights comfort trial and incredible service during delivery.


  • May help to relieve back pains
  • It is highly durable and features a solid medium-firm element
  • It is cost-efficient


  • Only firm and extra firm


Sleepeezee Cooler Supreme Mattress

This is among the best affordable high-quality mattresses in the market. It is a state-of-the-art original mattress design that is perfect for people who prefer a refreshing sleep experience. Sleeping in a hot bed can be very irritating and hinder your quality of sleep.

It also keeps you from sleeping comfortably. This pocket spring mattress is designed to create a solution for this issue. It is intended to counter the effects of warm sleeping by providing a cool and refreshing sleeping experience. It is tremendously breathable and temperature regulating hence perfect for the hot seasons.

This firm mattress with memory foam is made with up to 1800 pocket springs. The springs work together with the memory foam to offer targeted support. Each of the springs works independently to react to the natural contours of your body and weight. 

It, therefore, offers the much-needed support. They also offer reduced motion transfer elements which help when sleeping with a partner. It also features a cool gel layer that helps to provide pressure-sensitive support that responds to the body shape hence regulating the amount of temperature. 

The layer is also found on the pillow top hence allowing for support and temperature regulation. It comes with a cool-touch quilted knit cover that also promotes breathability. The company offers a free night trial period for new mattresses.


  • It is good quality, highly breathable and temperature regulating
  • It is a non-turn design and comes in different sizes including king size
  • It is durable and is a medium-firm type


  • It requires rotating
  • Extra costs if you want the 60 night trial

Highgrove Stonyhurst Mattress

corner of high grove mattress

This is a good quality pocket spring mattress that is made up of impressive 3000 individual pocket springs with foam layers. It is one of the best pocket spring mattresses and is the perfect choice for anyone that is looking for a medium feel type. 

It is made using natural fillings that provide excellent support while reducing the effects of constant motion while sleeping with a partner.

The pocket springs also provide excellent support through body contouring. It also provides spine alignment, which helps to prevent issues like back pains. All these benefits can be attributed to the designs of the springs that allow them to move independently hence preventing motion dispersion.

This is, therefore, the perfect type if you are sleeping with a partner who is a restless sleeper.The firm mattress also features a comfort layer that is made up of natural fillings like wool, silk, cotton and cashmere fibres. This layer provides comfort and additional support. The layer is also responsible for the breathability of the product.

It features a cover that helps to provide a soft touch and breathable sleeping surface. The cover also gives it its luxurious feel and is responsible for its durability. The brand provides free delivery services.


  • It features a luxurious feeling cover
  • It helps provide support and spine alignment
  • It is durable with a medium-firm element


  • It is costly
  • Added costs if you choose to return the mattress for collection and delivery of new mattress around £84

Which is the best sprung mattress?

The Holman product is the best sprung mattress brand on this list. The reason is that it features 1600 springs, comes with a soft cover and is double sides. It is also an incredible choice because it is firm and it is fitted with luxurious fillings. It is also very cheap, considering its incredible qualities. The runner up position goes to Silentnight, which is a winner of the industry awards.

Are pocket sprung mattresses better than memory foam?

Pocket sprung mattresses have added comfort and good support advantages because they are designed in such a way that their springs move independently. They also offer a smoother and more supportive feel hence providing a smooth sleep quality. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are longer lasting than pocket sprung and any other type of spring mattress because they are designed to return to their original shape after use. Foam mattress is also lighter hence easier to transport and have better shock-absorbing elements. The choice between memory foam or sprung greatly depends on your personal preferences

What is the best pocket sprung or coil mattress?

Coil mattresses feature a traditional spring system where the springs are interconnected. They are the cheapest kind in the market. However, they do not offer the amount of comfort and support that sprung mattress provide. The fact that the springs are located in individual pockets helps to eliminate issues that result in back pains and promote a poor sleep experience. Pocket sprung mattresses are also more durable because of the even weight distribution element. This is not the case with coil types which tend to dip in the middle after a while.

Is a 1500 pocket sprung mattress good?

Any pocket sprung with more than 1000 springs is ideal. This is because 1000 springs are the standard quantity for provision of high performance and durability. Therefore, a 1500 pocket sprung mattress is a great choice for a king or super king-sized.

However there is no definite answer to this question. It really depends on your body and sleeping preferences. Some people will find that a mattress with pocket springs offers them the support they need, while others might find it too firm and prefer something softer.

When looking for a new mattress, it’s always best to try out several different models before making a decision. This way, you can find the one that’s right for you. However, if you’re still not sure if a pocket sprung  is the right choice for you, it’s always worth talking to a professional before making your final decision.

Are pocket sprung mattresses popular?

Pocket sprung mattresses are very popular with people who enjoy a firm and supportive sleeping surface. Their construction makes them great for anyone who suffers from back pain or other aches and pains, as the springs work together to provide individualised support wherever it is needed most. If you’re considering updating your mattress, a pocket sprung model might be just what you need!

How many pocket springs is best?

An ideal pocket spring mattress should have at least 1000 springs. Anything lower than 100- means that its low quality and it will not last for long. The number of springs also depends on the size of the bed. For instance, for a king-sized bed, at least 1500 springs would be ideal. For a super king-size 1800 springs or more are the best.


The industry is crowded with a wide array of high-quality pocket sprung mattresses from mattress brands. When choosing the best spring mattresses, make sure to consider the elements of the mattress like the comfort level, support and durability. However, be wary of the marketing gimmicks that manufacturers use to sell their pocket spring mattress. 

This means that you should not rely 100% on the pocket spring mattress product descriptions. Instead, read through the spring mattresses customer reviews to ensure that the pocket spring mattress quality is as good as advertised. To find which mattresses go best with a sprung slatted base bed or for more choices on different types of mattresses check out our best mattress reviews.