Do Weighted Blankets Make You Hot? Find Out Here

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Weighted blankets are notoriously comfortable and have seen a sharp rise in popularity over the last ten years. New innovations, materials and processes make today’s weighted blankets far superior to their predecessors. 

What we really want to find out today though, is if weighted blankets make you hot? We know that they are used to treat everything from anxiety to depression but do they come with a list of unwanted side effects? 

Let’s find out! 

Do Weighted Blankets Really Make You Hot?

It’s always frustrating when you wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. You might be in a nice deep sleep to be suddenly awoken by a feeling of cold clamminess. It’s 4 am, you’re tired, groggy and don’t know what to do. 

Well, this is where weighted blankets come in. Despite the commonly believed myth that they make you hot, there are several different weighted blankets specifically designed with body temperature control in mind. 

New innovations and superior materials have made it possible for weighted blankets to surpass previous standards. When they were first introduced they may have been clumpy, unattractive and uncomfortable. But modern technology has changed all of that, with new designs orientated around the control of body temperature. 

Sleep cooling has never been easier. Keep reading below to find out what the best-weighted blankets are to stay fresh and crispy all night long. 

Do Hot Sleepers Like Weighted Blankets?

Studies have shown that weighted blankets do have a range of health benefits. Even if you are prone to getting hot during the night time, the right weighted blanket could make all the difference. 

People that get hot during the night often have interrupted patterns of sleep. This means that they are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night due to their high body temperatures. Did you know that the body naturally wakes up to cool itself down? 

Weighted blankets with cooling technology inside are specifically designed to allow hot air to escape during sleeping hours. They actively allow for air to flow freely and rise out of the proud materials that they are made from.

What Weighted Blankets Aren't Hot?

You don’t have to worry about those hot summer months anymore and retire your weighted blanket or swap it out for a sheet. There are multiple options available for hot sleepers these days and the innovations just keep on coming. 

These are our top picks for the best-weighted blankets on the market today that don’t make you hot. 

Weighted Blankets For All Seasons

Did you know that it isn’t the weight of the blanket itself that makes you hot? It has a lot more to do with the fabric the blanket is made out of. 

If the fabric is cheap, they tend to use synthetic fibres such as nylon which tends to capture and hold in heat. 

Technology has come so far these days that microscopic perforations can be made in materials to release hot air and keep you cool at night.

The Best Cooling Weighted Blankets

The best cooling weighted blankets are most often made out of natural materials such as bamboo, eucalyptus and cotton. These fibres do not trap heat and allow for a steady airflow throughout the night.

Cooling Bamboo

Cooling bamboo is the best material for cooling weighted blankets because its fibres are light and airy. 

Bamboo is the number one material chosen by manufacturers to obtain optimum cooling comfort. It also has some ingenious moisture absorption properties that go a long way to keep moisture away from your skin. 

This is a really useful feature that can sometimes mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and an uncomfortable sweaty one. 

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Eucalyptus is another great natural fibre that is used as a cooling material for weighted blankets. 

Eucalyptus fibres are a biodegradable material that is manufactured out of the wood pulp of the eucalyptus tree.  It’s a cost-effective sustainable measure that goes a long way to look after consumer interests. 

These fibres are often organic and have natural cooling properties that work to alleviate moisture and excess heat whilst you are sleeping.


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Cotton is the most widely used material for clothing, bedding and home furnishings. It’s an abundant resource that man has used to craft intricate and widely varied items for thousands of years. 

Cotton is naturally soft, breathable and easy to clean. It’s relatively cheap and offers a practical way to stay cool at night, especially in the warmer summer months. People use weighted blankets made out of cotton to fall asleep quickly and to aid insomnia. 

Cotton is a material that we are all used to so it offers a comforting familiarity whenever we sleep with a weighted blanket made out of it.

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Glass Beads

Glass beads are used as filler for weighted blankets. They provide the weight and are the best non-insulating material out there because they are cold to the touch.

They don’t hold in any warmth at all and are a much better alternative to other materials used in weighted blankets such as poly beads or plastic pellets. 

If you are particularly eco-conscious then glass beads are the perfect option for you. Because these beads are typically heavier than the other types of beads used, you don’t need to use as many.

This saves on manufacturing costs which can be passed along to the consumer. An added benefit is that glass beads also make weighted blankets less bulky and easier to find a comfortable position.  

Wrapping it up

Weighted blankets aren’t what they were in the 80s. They have come a long way and offer multiple sleep-related and mental health benefits. 

People that are warm at night might tend to shy away from weighted blankets and perceive them to keep the heat it but as we’ve found out it’s actually quite the opposite. 

Because of the revolutionary new materials being used, you can now stay cool all night long in your brand new weighted blanket. 

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