Emma vs Simba: Which Mattress is Best?

It’s a big decision right, you are going to spend a lot of time in your bed, it needs to be the right one for you! So we all want that perfect night’s sleep now if you narrowed it down to two, read on to find out which mattress we think is best Emma or Simba mattress.

We believe the Simba mattress slightly edges out the Emma mattress, but it’s close. Now, these are both hybrids and both are great for support, comfort and various sizes for each. But being slightly firmer is what makes us pick the Simba mattress over the Emma mattress.

Now you know our opinion, you may wonder does it really suit you or is the Emma more suited to your needs, read on for more comparisons.

How long does it take for Simba’s mattress to arrive?

Emma says that their mattress will be delivered within two weeks, while Simba promises to deliver theirs within 3 business days. Emma and Simba both offer a 200-day trial period.

delivery van and man

What to do when Simba mattress arrives

The Simba mattress arrives in a vacuum-sealed package. You will need to remove the wrapping and allow the mattress to air out for 72 hours to fully inflate. During this time, you may want to place it near an open window or in another room where there is good airflow.

Once the mattress has aired out, it is ready for use. The cover is removable and machine-washable, so you can keep it clean and fresh. The Simba mattress is also CertiPUR verified, which means that it is made without harmful chemicals or flame retardants. It is also resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

When can I sleep on my new memory foam mattress?

All Emma mattresses come vacuum sealed and rolled up, so all you have to do is take it out of the box and let it expand approx 3 hours. The Simba mattress comes similarly, but we advise giving it 24 hours before sleeping on it to let the memory foam fully form.

Are Simba and Emma mattresses delivered in a box?

Yes, both Simba and Emma mattresses are delivered in a box, so you can easily move them up the stairs.

mattress in box


When a mattress is too firm

It can cause pain in the hip, neck, and back. If you are experiencing these issues, it may be time to switch to a softer mattress. Emma and Simba are two of the most popular mattresses on the market today. So, which one is best for you?

Which mattress is best for you? A Simba mattress or an Emma mattress?

Both the Simba and the Emma mattresses are great options, but they each have their own unique benefits. The Simba mattress is made with memory foam and has a medium/firm firmness level, its designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support. Making it a good mattress for bad backs or people who sleep on their side.

Simba’s hybrid mattresses 

What is the standard depth of a mattress

Emma is a latex mattress that is firm and bouncy, making it perfect for people who sleep on their backs.

The standard depth of a mattress is about ten inches, but both the Simba and Emma mattresses are available in different depths to suit your needs. So, which one should you choose?

How to measure mattress depth for the fitted sheet

There are a few different ways that you can measure the depth of your mattress, but the most common is to simply use a tape measure. To do this, simply place the end of the tape measure at the top of the mattress and then stretch it down to the bottom. Make sure to take note of any obstacles in your way, such as the bed frame or any other furniture.

Another way to measure mattress depth is by using a ruler. Simply place the ruler at the top of the mattress and then stretch it down to the bottom. Again, make sure to take note of any obstacles in your way.

Once you have your measurements, you can then start shopping for your fitted sheet.

What could go wrong with your mattress

There are a few different things that could go wrong with your mattress. The most common problem is that the mattress can become lumpy or uneven over time. This can make it difficult to sleep on, as well as cause back pain. Another problem that can occur is that the springs in the mattress can start to wear down, which can make the mattress less supportive and comfortable. Finally, the fabric on the mattress can start to tear or wear down over time, which can lead to holes or tears in the mattress.

All of these problems can be avoided by simply taking care of your mattress and making sure to regularly rotate and flip it.

Common issues reported mattress problems

Simba mattress problems

– Some find the Simba has a chemical smell.

– The Simba is too firm for some people.

– It can be quite noisy.

– The cover slips and bunches up.

Emma mattress problems

– Some people find it too soft.

– There have been complaints about the Emma breaking down quickly.

Refund problems

It seems that more and more people are having problems with their Emma mattresses. There have been a number of reports of people not being able to get a refund, or of the mattress not living up to expectations.

Simba is a newer company, but they seem to be doing things right. Their mattresses have received great reviews.

Final thoughts Simba or Emma mattress?

We hope that this in-depth comparison of the Emma and Simba mattresses has helped you decide which one is best for you. Overall, we believe that the Simba mattress is a better option. It has a softer top layer that makes it more responsive, Simbatex to regulate temperature, hypoallergenic anti-allergy layer and edge support. Additionally, Simba offers a mattress removal service at an additional cost, at no later than 10 days from the delivery of your new mattress.