What Are Divan Beds

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What Are Divan Beds? We’ve all heard about divan beds, right! But what are they? Is there more than one type? Are they expensive? Do they come with storage? Read on to find out these answers and many more. Divan Beds: What Are They And Are They Any Good? Types of divan beds There are …

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Evergreen Cotton Mattresses

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Evergreen Cotton Mattresses , why should you choose cotton Mattresses can be synthetic or organic. But, most of us prefer organic ones, especially cotton mattresses. Using an evergreen cotton mattress can provide a good cushioning effect and assures a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. Evergreen mattresses are made without any toxic chemicals, and they won’t release …

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Best Wool Mattress Topper

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BEST WOOL MATTRESS TOPPER A mattress might be good on its own at first, but as time flies, so does the mattress’s quality. With use, a mattress can lose its guaranteed features. Try to cover your mattress with a mattress topper, preferably a wool one. Wool is comfortable and cosy. It also bears some remarkable …

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Best Anti Allergy Pillows

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6 Best Anti Allergy Pillows-Is your Pillow effecting Your Health Pillows are objects that have the potential to make us sleep or break our sleep. The number of ways a pillow can ruin your sleep is a lot more than you think. For starters, pillows can be a breeding farm for a variety of allergens …

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Best Natural and Organic Duvets

soft white duvet

Best Natural and Organic Duvets A duvet is more likely a sleeping bag, filled with down or feathers to provide comfort. It can reduce the complications of making a bed. It will be having direct contact with your body. So, instead of a regular one, using a natural and organic duvet is preferable. The purpose …

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How to Dispose of a Mattress UK

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How to Dispose of a Old Mattress UK Disposing of an old mattress sounds so easy until it’s time to replace your mattress. Mattresses take a lot of space and the last thing you want is reducing the available space with an old mattress. Although it is possible to break the mattress to individual components …

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Welcome to our blog Welcome to our blog on sleep Room Splendour, we hope you like it! Here you will find the latest and related information regarding your sleep and how to get choose the best items for your bedroom. We love to research and track down all the latest and best products, so we …

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