The Importance of a Good Mattress for Your Health

Sleeping is so vital that it takes up a third of our lives. Having a good sleep is essential for good health – both physical and mental. It is tough to sleep when your mattress doesn’t cooperate with you. Sometimes, the mattress would be too firm and sometimes too thin. Many times, you don’t even know what the problems are. A single issue in your mattress can change your life for better or worse. But how will it influence your health? Sleep Room Splendour knows about the importance of a good mattress for your health, so please read on to find out more.

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Few bumps and drops in the mattress can lead to unpleasant body aches and snoring. Its then time to say goodbye to your old mattress. A good bed must embrace you like an angel, provide balance, support, and comfort and remind you how sleeping on a cloud must feel. 

However, most of the mattresses on the market today fail to make their customers feel heavenly. 

Some people are used to sleeping on a rigid surface, believing that this offers back support. An optimal sleeping surface must be a perfect mix of comfort and support based on the person’s body structure and sleeping positions.

Using an old mattress will also lead to some severe problems. All the mattresses, even the costly ones, must be replaced every 8-10 years.

What Can a Bad Mattress Do?

Bad Mattress

A mattress can be a lifesaver or life-sucker. Finding the awful ideal is based on the person’s body structure and sleeping positions. Sleeping on a bad mattress can result in:


  • Body Aches

Sometimes, you experience pain in your back, shoulder, or hip when getting out of bed. One of the culprits for this pain is a poor mattress.

A mattress must keep your spine straight throughout the night. Proper alignment of the body is essential for pain-free sleep. It must also relieve your pressure points and support the body posture.

  • Tossing and Turning

We all know how it is to sleep with a busy mind – we spend a sleepless night filled with tossing and turning. This is a problem when you are with a partner. Who knows? It could even lead to a break-up. 

A good mattress must not transfer the motion caused by tossing and turning so that your partner is less likely to get disturbed if you move or get out of bed.

  • Allergies and Associated Symptoms

Bed bugs and dust mites are villains sometimes found in beds. These are the primary causes of indoor allergies. A mattress with an impenetrable structure creates a rigid wall against these villains. 

This kind of mattress disrupts their way of life with its dense structure. This results in an allergy-free environment – less sneezing and more sleeping.

  • Improper Spinal Alignment

The mattress must support your entire body in a rhythmic position. Failing to give enough support in weight distribution can position your lower back (spinal alignment) in a non-neutral place. This will lead to a whole new level of pain, including chronic suffering, consider reading our benefits of an Orthopaedic mattresses article.

If you feel that your body is not getting the proper support level, then it must be because of your mattress being too soft. 

On the other hand, spring mattresses give additional support to your hips and shoulders only, leading to muscle tension in the unsupported areas. To avoid this problem, try to buy a mattress that coincides with your natural spine curvature.

  • Snoring

Snoring occurs when your airways are partially blocked when you are sleeping. There are some possibilities that it happens as a result of sleeping in your back. But, your mattress also matters in this case. 

If the mattress drops too much when lying on it, it will cause inadequate support for your head and neck. This can result in your throat being compressed, causing you to snore. To prevent this issue, buy a medium-firm mattress.

How Can a Good Mattress Save You?

According to Robert Oexman D.C, the Director of the Sleep to Live Institute, the term “good mattress” is subjective. It is what gives you the right feeling. And to judge what feels right, you need to take a 20-minute mattress test at the bedding store—replicating how you usually sleep.

A National Sleep Foundation survey says that almost 92% of people agree that a comfortable mattress gives them a good night’s sleep.

Research Triangle International and doctors conducted a study. Andy Krystal and Jack Edinger from Duke University conducted more than 16,000 nights of sleep research on 128 subjects. 

After evaluating them, it became clear how a slight difference in mattress support can change sleep patterns and incorporate different types of pain.

Why do we experience a different result when sleeping on the mattress we thought was a perfect fit? The answer lies in what happens in your body when you are sleeping. We go through different stages of sleep every night.

There is a stage called Rapid Eye Movement (REM), where you have the most intense dreams. When you move while you’re dreaming, you lose skeletal muscle tone to help your back relax. When this happens, you also lose your spinal support. A mattress that looks good when you are awake can act differently when you are sleeping.

Things to Consider While Buying a Mattress

First of all, know the complete details about a mattress – fibres used, sizes, cost and other fundamental details. You would be allergic to some fibres. In order to avoid any discomfort after buying, familiarise yourself with the product details in advance.

Size is an important detail to be considered before buying a mattress. There are various sizes for a mattress. It would help if you chose what is best for you.

Your sleeping position is a crucial factor when you are choosing a mattress.

A firm mattress is for people who sleep on their back most of the time. A plush layered mattress is suitable to help ease the pressure points throughout your body. A pillow-top one is soft and ideal for side sleepers. 

Some mattresses have a comfort guarantee of a year or two, and some can even be swapped for a new one. Some branded companies offer more than a three-year warranty for their masterpieces.

A good mattress will prevent everything from sleepless nights to an exhausting morning. It must support your body with no pressure points that push against pressure-sensitive parts like the hips, ankles, shoulders, and ribs when lying on the mattress. So, choose a bed like you choose your life partner.