Do you wake up with tired and sore muscles? When you’re suffering from chronic back pain, simple daily tasks can become incredibly difficult. But what if we told you there is a simple solution so your sleep posture won’t leave you stiff in the morning. All you need to do is invest in the best sports recovery pillow on the market.

Why Do You Need A Sports Recovery Pillow?

Despite a name, a sports recovery pillow isn’t just for athletes. Anyone suffering from lack of sleep can benefit from investing in this orthopaedic pillow. So, how does it work? Research shows that the regeneration impact of sleep is unparalleled in terms of muscle tissue recovery and performance enhancement

If your sleep is unrestful, it may be because of poor posture from sleeping on your side. But what can you do to fix it? If your also looking for a regular pillow for some one in your family you can check out our article on the 9 best pillows.

Since you can’t control your sleeping body, the next best thing is to deal with the muscle stress preemptively. The Kally Sports Recovery Pillow works to alleviate the pressure that is naturally exerted on your joints when you sleep in a less than favourable position. 

The shape of the pillow cushions your body, taking care to support your head, neck, upper back, and lower spine. Then there is the hollow fibre filling that contours to cradle your body. Finally, the washable covering is designed using the latest TENCEL lyocell fibre technology, which allows the foam to breathe during the night and keeps your pillow cool and comforting against your face. That means all your muscles and joints are perfectly aligned. As a result, you will immediately notice lowered pain and discomfort.   

Who Can Benefit From A Sports Recovery Pillow?

Whether you are a professional athlete, an amateur, or just someone that suffers from troubled sleep and aching muscles, the Sports Recovery Pillow is for you. A few hours of rest using this pillow will ease all your pains. And the Kally pillow is the best sports recovery pillow on the market.

Top Features For the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow

The Kally Sports Recovery Pillow is the complete package and promises a restful night to all troubled sleepers. Some of the design features that set this item apart from the rest are:

  1. This is an orthopaedic pillow that has been designed with input from medical professionals
  2. The full-length sports pillow is shaped so it aligns your head, neck, and spine in a manner that removes pressure from your joints and muscles
  3. Specials material like hollow fibre filling that cradles your necks and aligns itself to support your muscles
  4. TENCEL lyocell fibre cover that does not retain body heat and stays pleasantly cool against your skin, providing the optimum sleep conditions
  5. A full-length pillow that measures 160 cm by 35 cm by 35 cm  

Whether you’re a side sleeper looking to prevent pulled muscles or an athlete wanting some post-training muscle support, the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow is the answer to all your problems.

Benefits Of The Kally Sports Recovery Pillow

1. Increases Performance Capacity

With the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow, you will quickly develop a healthy sleep routine. Slowly your aches and pains will begin to lesson until eventually, you’ll wake up refreshed and energised, ready to start your day. The boost in energy you get after a good night’s sleep can propel you through seemingly tricky tasks with relative ease. 

In fact, studies show that improved sleep quality directly impacted athletes’ performance on the field. For example, with a regular 10 hours of sleep, basketball players increased their shooting statistics by 9 percent, increasing the accuracy of tennis players’ serves and swimmers’ reaction times. In addition to physical performance, regular sleep cycles are also essential to maintain cognitive function. 

With the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow, you’ll notice a gradual improvement in your everyday performance. When you wake up refreshed, your waking hours will become far more productive without any aches and pains. You’ll also notice a clear improvement in your work quality.  

2. Reduces Pressure On Knees

One of the leading reasons for poor quality of sleep is knee pain. Heavy workouts, day in and day out, put a strain on the joints or cause ligament tears, a common problem among athletes. High impact running, like on pavements, can drastically worsen your state. Among older individuals, knee aches can be a result of arthritis, tendonitis, or bursitis. 

At night when you stay still for long periods, your joints stop self-lubricating, and your baser condition worsens. That is why you need to invest in a product like the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow, which offers support for your various joints and reduces pressure on your knees. With this comforting device lessening your aches, you’ll fall asleep faster, enjoy more prolonged spells of deep REM sleep, and wake up refreshed.

man holding sports pillow

3. No Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome is medically termed Willis Ekbom Disease and refers to the condition when you feel an irresistible urge to move your legs. This feeling of restlessness often worsens at night or in the evening when you are inactive. Research shows that people with this neurological sensory disorder have trouble concentrating and managing their school, jobs, and relationships simply because they are unable to sleep properly

While doctors recommend medication to treat the condition itself, there are other methods to combat some of the symptoms. Since the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow is an orthopaedic pillow, it helps relieve muscle cramps and lessen stiffness in the joints. Medical journals recommend elevating your legs using an orthopaedic pillow as a preventative treatment.  

4. Improved Sleep Quality

The firm support of the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow will help you develop healthy sleep patterns, especially if you are used to sleeping on your back or stomach. As medical research will inform you, sleeping on your stomach with your arms under or beside your pillow causes lower back and neck pain. 

Sleeping on your back can worsen sleep apnea and lead to soreness in your lower spine. But changing your sleep position is far from easy. Most people develop sleep postures over years of repetition. That’s where the Sports Recovery Pillow comes in. 

Long and almost cylindrical in shape, the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow is designed to be placed between your knees. You can wrap your arms around it, and the top of the pillow will come underneath your head. The pillow’s firmness will appeal to people used to having a mattress against their front or back while allowing them to shift to the better side posture.

5. Perfect For Travel

Are you a traveler? For adventurers who spend most of their time outdoors, sleeping comfortably often becomes a challenging prospect. Luckily the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow can easily fit into your travel pack. The size is perfect for a travel case, so you’ll sleep easily whether you’re in a tent in the woods, a hut in the mountains, or a roadside motel. 

It also works great on long flights and train rides. Plus, since it weighs only 2kg, you won’t run into trouble if you keep it in your carry bag. Naturally, this is especially useful for professional athletes who have to travel endlessly and wake up in a new bed every few weeks. With the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow in your trunk, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to perform at your best, with no muscle aches or pains. 

6.Ideal As A Maternity Pillow

Another group that can significantly benefit from the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow are pregnant women. This full-sized orthopaedic pillow is ideal as a maternity pillow and offers complete support to mothers who need additional comfort and support. The Sports Recovery Pillow helps control your sleeping positions so you can minimise the aches and pains that come from stretched muscles during the night. 

How To Take Care Of Your Sports Pillow?

single performance pillow

Your Kally Sports Recovery Pillow is an investment in your orthopaedic health and wellbeing. And if properly cared for, it will last you a long time. So how do you take care of your sports pillow?

  • Fluff it by hand every day, so it retains its shape
  • Wash it carefully in lukewarm water at 40C, then allow it to air dry by placing it on a flat surface
  • Do not wash the case with other cloths or tumble dry it
  • If you are going to iron it, make sure the temperature is low
  • Treat the various materials carefully, filling is of hollowfibre, case is of jersey, and the pillow is of polycotton

Why Choose Kally Sleep?

While many companies are offering similar products, Kally Sleep has the best sports recovery pillow on the market, set apart by the fact that it is an orthopaedic pillow specially designed by medical experts to alleviate muscle stress. It caters to the needs of several groups of people, from athletes and pregnant mothers to elderly people with joint issues and those recovering from dislocations. 

In addition, the company ranks high among customers because of their friendly services. All returned items are donated to charity while any complaints are resolved by sending replacement products. The pillow is soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to provide the necessary support and aligned your shoulders, hips, and knees. You can get free delivery for orders that cross the 39-pound mark, and they even offer a 14 night sleep trial. So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today and watch as your sleep quality improves by leaps and bounds.


Is the Sports Recovery Pillow soft or firm?

The Kally Sports Recovery Pillow walks the line between both, with a firmness rating of 5 out of 10. While it is soft enough to offer much-needed comfort during the night, it retains enough stiffness to support and align your body correctly.

How can you use the Sports Recovery Pillow?

The proper way to use this pillow is to lay on the other side and hold it between your knees. That way, when you put your elbows around it, the top of the top of the pillow will come underneath your head, thereby supporting your knees, spine, and neck. This is especially great for people who want to get used to sleeping on their side and currently sleep on either their stomach or back.

Who can use the Sports Recovery Pillow?

The Kally Sports Recovery Pillow offers a complete range of benefits to all people suffering from troubled sleep. That includes men and women of any age, as well as athletes and non-athletes. It is particularly useful for people struggling with weak joints, diseases like fibromyalgia, and pregnant women.

Overall, the pillow is meant for side sleepers looking to improve their sleeping posture, reduce stress on muscles, joints, and tendons, and wake up feeling relaxed and active. Athletes or active people who engage in high-impact exercises like running can particularly benefit from using this pillow.

Is the Sports Recovery Pillow good for post-surgery recovery?

While many people recovering from joint or muscular conditions use this pillow to aid their recovery process, it is best always to consult your physician on the best post-surgery support methods. That said, you should not hesitate to add this item to your list of potential recovery items.

Does the pillow maintain its form?

The Kally Sports Recovery Pillow will maintain its optimum condition for a long time, but if you feel like it is losing its perfect shape or becoming flatter, you can always plump it by hand. Fluffing it regularly as a matter of habit will prolong its life and keep it in optimum condition for longer. Plus it will be more comfortable to use.

All in all, the Kally pillow is the best sports recovery pillow you will find. It offers visible results and improvement in sleep patterns. The breathable Tencel cover is specially designed to regulate temperature and keep the surface at optimum sleeping conditions. The hollow fibre filling adds to the pillow’s 2kg weight and makes it firm enough to support muscle alignment and recovery. You won’t regret investing in the Kally Sports Recovery Pillow.